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A close up of one of our rescued foxes lazing in the sunA young swan caught up in fishing tackle and fishing wire is being treated by our vetA rescued hedgehog warming up in a snood

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Current Vacancies

We currently have no vacancies.


We need your help at Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Centre in Ayrshire. There are many ways you can support us. But why not become a member of our team?

Hessilhead employs a manager, 6 full-time wildlife rehabilitators and 2 seasonal wildlife care, assistants. Vacancies will be posted here when available

Hessilhead caters for c3000 casualties a year and currently employs 6 wildlife care assistants. Please submit your CV and Application via our Contact Form or call our team on 01505 502415 for more information.

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Volunteer At The Centre

Local/daily volunteers

Local volunteers help on a daily basis, feeding, cleaning and monitoring patients. Here we would need to know which day of the week you would be able to volunteer and ask for a weekly commitment of at least 4 hours. If you are interested please return the completed application form.

Resident volunteers

Resident volunteers stay in cabins on site. This gives an opportunity to become more involved with the running of the centre. As such you can help with evening feeds and admissions and to take part in rescues, releases and fundraising events. Download details of what you could learn/experience as a resident volunteer. If you are interested please also read the notes for resident volunteers, and return the completed application form.

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A pine martin close upA baby fox looks up at the camera in the rescue centreA rescued heron is walking out to the pond with a bright blue door behind him

Volunteer Your Services


Donate and Recycle


Please Contact Us if you can volunteer as a driver to help bring wildlife casualties to the Hospital and return them for release.

Building/Maintenance/Trade Skills

Please Contact Us if you are able to offer skills (such as builder, joiner, electrician or architect, etc.) that would be of use for building and maintenance at Hessilhead. We have many enclosures in need to maintenance and upgrading to care for our patients.


We need your help with fundraising! If you think you could spare your time, energy and inspiration, please Contact Us or find out more ways as to how you can help.

Other Ways To Volunteer

Please Contact Us if you feel you have any other skills that would be of use to Hessilhead. We are always very appreciative of any support offered. Hessilhead is an independent charity. Funds are raised through the Membership and Sponsor-a-Patient schemes and through fundraising events. Our running costs rise year on year, and we are always grateful for any help with fundraising.

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Offer A Release Site

As Hessilhead gets busier, we need to find more release sites for foxes, hedgehogs and garden birds. Wherever possible, all rehabilitated animals are released where they were found. However, we are often looking for release sites for birds/animals that have been reared in captivity, and sometimes for adults that are being translocated. These animals are not pets. They are returning to the wild. You can help by offering your garden/ground/outbuildings as release sites, providing temporary shelter and food till they adapt to their new location. Please Contact Us if you can offer a release site.

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Such an important place for wildlife rehabilitation. Support if you can. They work hard and always need newspapers etc. Took in an underweight juvenile hedgehog for me to bring up to weight. Got an update on him when I asked. They are very to the point and your rescue is in the best hands. Please help with funding or donations of newspaper etc if you can.

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Wildlife Emergency Support

PLEASE CALL 01505 502415

Please don't e-mail with regard to an injured bird or animal that requires a quick response. We are only open during certain hours and during busy periods, we may not check e-mails regularly.