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Sponsor A Hessilhead Patient


Pick A Patient To Care For

For just £30 you can sponsor a patient is a good way to help an individual casualty. Receive a photo and reports on the patient’s progress. Sponsorship packages can also be sent with a card as a present for Christmas, Birthdays, etc. Rescue Trust newsletters included. Hessilhead is an independent charity. Funds are raised through the Donations, Membership (see below), and Sponsor-a-Patient schemes and through fundraising events.

Pick Your Patient

Choose from the following patients, which sadly, are all too common patients here at the Rescue Trust. Please give a second choice of casualty, just in case we don’t have your first choice in the centre at that time. And remember that some patients, such as ducklings, and seal pups, are only in care at certain seasons. You are welcome to Contact Us at first to check the availability of your preferred species.

Email Your Pick

How To Pay


Pick & Pay For Your Patient

You can make a payment to sponsor a patient via JustGiving. This is our preferred method to receive payment, as they only charge a small amount for their service. But more to our benefit, they manage the setup gift aid, which is highly beneficial to us as a charity. This also reduces the paperwork for us.

Select £30 as the payment amount (or add on an optional extra donation).
Then Contact Us to notify us of your payment (type of sponsorship), your details (your full name, address and telephone number) and those of the recipient (if this is a gift).

Pay Via JustGiving
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Alternative Methods Of Payment


We Accept Other Methods To Pay

But if you would prefer an alternative method, you can also sponsor a patient through any of the options below. We have offered as many choices as possible, and have listed the pros and cons for us associated with each method. If you have any questions about any of the below please Contact Us.

Cheque, Postal Order or Bankers Draft

Please send your cheque, postal order or bankers draft, for £30 (plus any optional donation), to us at Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust, Gateside, Beith, KA15 1HT, Scotland, along with your completed membership and gift aid forms.

Bank Transfer

Direct payments can be made through online banking using the following details. Once payment has been made, please Contact Us with your completed membership and gift aid forms.
Account name: Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust
Bank name and address: Royal Bank of Scotland, The Cross, Lochwinnoch, PA12 4DB
Sort code: 83-23-19
Account No: 00166796

In Person

Please call in at reception at Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust, Gateside, Beith, KA15 1HT, Scotland, to sponsor a patient in person. Find Us Here.

Where To Take Your Donations

Donate Here

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Other Ways To Support Hessilhead

Hessilhead is an independent charity. Funds are raised through your kind donations, sponsorship of patients and Membership schemes. And we also encourage supporters to run fundraising events to help our charity. Our running costs rise year on year! So we are always grateful for any help with raising money to keep our charity running. Here’s more ways you can help… 

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Such an important place for wildlife rehabilitation. Support if you can. They work hard and always need newspapers etc. Took in an underweight juvenile hedgehog for me to bring up to weight. Got an update on him when I asked. They are very to the point and your rescue is in the best hands. Please help with funding or donations of newspaper etc if you can.

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Wildlife Emergency Support

PLEASE CALL 01505 502415

Please don't e-mail with regard to an injured bird or animal that requires a quick response. We are only open during certain hours and during busy periods, we may not check e-mails regularly.