Caring For Wildlife

Hessilhead Wildlife Centre in Ayrshire

Here at Hessilhead Wildlife Centre in Ayrshire, we work hard to not only rescue and release wildlife. But we also offer training, support, and guidance to help others protect and care for wildlife. We run annual training courses and first aid for wildlife classes. And we have some leaflets and guides below to help you care for rescued animals. But, if you have found an injured animal, please do contact us as soon as possible for professional guidance.

We’re in the process of designing next years courses. Please check back for more details, or, join our mailing list to be kept up to date. Past courses include:

First Aid for Wildlife | Hand Rearing | Hedgehogs | Bat Care & Bat Walk


First Aid For Wildlife

If you have found an injured wild animal, here is some advice and some tips on how to care for the wounded animal until…

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Hessilhead Campaigns

If you have found a chick in need here is some advice on Hand Rearing Birds. Fledgelings and nestlings must be hydrated first…

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Hand Rearing Birds

Join in our Hessilhead Campaigns and help stop snaring and join in other causes to support our wonderful wildlife…

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Wildlife Emergency Support

PLEASE CALL 01505 502415

Please don't e-mail with regard to an injured bird or animal that requires a quick response. We are only open during certain hours and during busy periods, we may not check e-mails regularly.