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A baby fox looks up at the camera in the rescue centreA rescued heron is walking out to the pond with a bright blue door behind himA baby dear stands in a clean enclosure with a soft bed and a bamboo screen to nibble on

Caring For Scotland’s Wildlife


Hessilhead is an independent charity. Funds are raised through the Membership and Sponsor-a-Patient schemes and through fundraising events. Our running costs rise year on year, and we are always grateful for any help with fundraising.

On this page, we have loads of ways you can support our wildlife rescue charity. From donations of items, we need to look after our animals, to sponsorship, membership, and fundraising. Plus initiatives such as JustGiving and recycling schemes. Find out more below or Contact Us if you would like to become a volunteer. Or if you have a question about how to help or get involved with helping us raise much-needed funds.

Hessilhead needs your help

Only with your generosity can we continue to treat, care for and rehabilitate the thousands of wildlife casualties that need our help each year. Your donations or membership will fund food, medicines, vet fees, new cages and aviaries, and general running costs. The hospital receives no official funding and relies on public support to continue caring for Scotland’s wildlife.

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Fundraising Ideas


Could you organize a fundraising event?

Fundraising events don’t need to be big events or raise lots of money. Small contributions are equally important, and we couldn’t keep the centre running without them. However, if you would like to go for the big time, that is great. We can help with providing publicity and display material where appropriate.

Examples of possible fundraising ideas are: 1. Helping with stalls at fetes shows, 2. Sponsored events, such as coffee mornings, 4. Holding Bookstalls and Car boot sales.

We are always looking for new fundraising ideas and would be pleased to hear your suggestions. Please contact us if you would like to organize a fundraising event on behalf of Hessilhead, or if you have any fundraising ideas.

Where To Donate
A pine martin close upA baby otter eating fish from a pink bowlA rescued baby hare sits on a heat pad being hand fed by a Hessilhead Wildlife Centre carer

We Need Your Old Goods


Donate and Recycle

Are you looking to support the best of wildlife charities in Scotland? Hessilhead Wildlife Centre in Scotland works 24/7 year-round to support Scotland’s animals in need.

As such, here at Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Centre we are always in need of items to keep our rescue animals warm, dry, and well cared for. If you might have any of the following items spare, we would be delighted to give them a home: Cardboard boxes (especially small ones!), Old blankets, Towels, Fleeces, DIY tools, Newspapers

Recycle Used Stamps & Goods

We are also grateful, here at Hessilhead, for any items that we can recycle, to help both our fundraising and the environment! Items included in this category are: Used postage stamps, Old mobile phones

Where To Take Your Donations

Donate Here

Support us with much needed donations. We are an independent charity and rely on your…
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Join us as a volunteer! We need carers, enclosure builders, ambulence drivers…
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Get In Touch

Contact us or find directions to our centre. Or get in touch if you have an injured animal in need…
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School Poster Campaign


Getting Kids Involved In Nature

We always love getting kids involvedPoster `How could your school help Hessilhead‘. Please feel free to download our poster and put it up at your school.

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Just Give, We Need You!

Another way to support us is to Give as you Live. This is an award-winning fundraising platform for charities like us here at Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Centre in Scotland. Here you can sign up and help us to raise money through your everyday online and in-store shopping. Also, you can make direct donations and create your own fundraising pages to support our wildlife rescue and care. Find out more and sign up to Give as you Live and make a big difference to our charity.

Just Giving


We need your help! No matter how much you want to donate…
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Sponsor A Patient

Choose one of our patients and support them back into the wild…
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Become A Member

Support our independent charity and become a member…
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Such an important place for wildlife rehabilitation. Support if you can. They work hard and always need newspapers etc. Took in an underweight juvenile hedgehog for me to bring up to weight. Got an update on him when I asked. They are very to the point and your rescue is in the best hands. Please help with funding or donations of newspaper etc if you can.

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Wildlife Emergency Support

PLEASE CALL 01505 502415

Please don't e-mail with regard to an injured bird or animal that requires a quick response. We are only open during certain hours and during busy periods, we may not check e-mails regularly.