Hessilhead Cotton Tote Bag


Support Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust and the planet! Here at Hessilhead Animal Sanctuary, we not only need your help to save our wildlife! We want you to help save the planet too! So, buy our reusable animal charity Cotton Tote Bags for your everyday shopping! Or buy them as shoe storage bags, car tidies, dog holiday bags, gift bags, hoover parts, and cleaner tidies. Yes, the list of this little bag’s usefulness is endless!

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So you’re looking to re-organise your life? Well, our animal charity Hessilhead cotton tote bags are the perfect life hack! They really are ideal for a whole host of organisational uses and are sturdy and big enough for everyday use. So, whether you’re looking for home storage ideas, new hanging tidies, or simply a great reusable shopping bag that gives back to nature, and the planet, our cotton tote bags are just the ticket.

Every penny you spend with us here on our Hessilhead Wildlife Trust shop goes towards helping animals in need. We are completely dependent on you to keep us running. As such, your donations, online shopping, and volunteer support are always welcome. S0, support us today and bring a smile to your date at the same time 🙂

Now, so scroll back up and add our cotton tote bags to your shopping cart… a little of your time and money makes a big difference to an animal in need!


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